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Get your free PSN codes today

Find how to get free PSN codes

Play station network has been launched in the year 2011 and since that day it has grown in size and in popularity. The first prototypes of the play station network, or more popularly PSN, was small in comparison to the size of it today. The first versions had no online capabilities what so ever and sheer purpose of this network was to set things up for what the future held. Today Play station network has turned in to megacorporation. It features full online playability features as well as a market place which without a doubt is a huge success.

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The transactions that happen on PSN are fairly simple, the market place offers games, music as well as films to download and all you need is a credit card to purchase them, and you don’t even need to leave your home, thats why you should visit our web site and find out how to get free PSN codes. But there was a problem, not everybody had credit cards and were willing to pay for expensive titles like the most recent Call of duty game. Because of that Sony entertainment unleashed a new system for adding money for spending on your PSN account. This currency came in a form of PSN codes which added various amount of real world currency to your PSN account. The standard formats of PSN codes are twenty five, fifty, seventy five and one hundred dollars.

Why to pay for codes when you can get them for free

The widespread of these PSN codes made it possible for a totally new form of marketing campaigns. People gave out free PSN codes in the so called PSN code giveaways in order to increase traffic to their web sites. The idea behind it was that more people apply for PSN code giveaways making traffic for the site and passively generating more profit for the website than the actual price of PSN codes.

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If you are looking for a PSN code giveaway there are a lot of fake websites online so watch out where you type your E-mail address. This site offers legit PSN code giveaways so if you were looking for such a site you are in the right place. You can sign up for free PSN code right here and right now, we have daily raffles and at the end of each month we give away PSN codes worth one hundred dollars. If your next question is why? Our answer is simple, we believe that everybody who enjoys online gaming should make their gaming systems more enjoyable.

Best Flappy bird hack application for iphone and android

Free flappy bird hacks for iphone and android users

We all had a share of this little game that stole numerous hours of our lives in a futile attempt to match somebody’s high score, most of the times it was only a futile attempt. Flappy bird was a game developed in early 2014 by a Vietnamese developer at the age of 17. The house that published the game was called Gears studios. Flappy bird was marketed by a popular Japanese model of applications. It is free to download but offers in application marketing. And that marketing was making the developer up to fifty thousand dollars daily. Even now when the game has been pulled from sale the product is still making tens of thousands of dollars for the developer, but we will give it for free on our web site Fappy Bird cheats iPhone.

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In more recent time, the popularity for flappy bird has decreased as it was removed from stores in late 2014, the developer had no comments to the sudden removal of a successful product. He only stated that he couldn’t take the media attention and that he was receiving suicide notes. So what made flappy bird so popular and addicting. The difficulty setting is ridiculous, mastering the game takes more than patience and the reward is only minor considering the time and effort you invested in the game. So how do people get those super three digit high scores? Believe it or not hacking is one answer. In the passage of time various teams constructed various Flappy bird hacks and Flappy bird cheats. If you are interested in these kind of things I recommend you visit this site. It has various Flappy bird hacks and cheats, and you might find them interesting. Options vary from being able to go through those notorious pipes to being able to continue from where you die.

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All in all it makes for a compelling experience to try out the game, with or without hacks, so we definitely suggest you try it out. It will be grate fun at first but after a couple of hours you will definitely get frustrated and bash your device against a wall. But don’t download one of the hacks for flappy birds from our suggested website and have some more fun. And then you can bash your phone against a wall because you will probably have the highest score in the office. So go ahead, download the game and download the flappy bird hack and have some fun.

Free Facebook hacking application

Hacking Facebook accounts has never been easier

Mass multimedia dominate todays modern world. As such social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn dominate the flow of information in today’s modern world. It’s needless to say that today information in some cases is more valuable than gold. Take Facebook for example, thousands of campaigns designed specifically for marketing are launched every day, these campaigns bring in a lot of money to the people who launched them. So as you can see information on the internet can be worth a lot of money. Take professional hackers for example, if you wanted to hire a professional hacker to Hack Facebook, it would cost you somewhere in the region of two thousand dollars. Now the next reasonable question is do people really pay this amount of money for such services, when you can download this hack from our website como hackear Facebook for free.

Facebook hacker application

Let’s look at this in the following manner, if you had a company or a Facebook marketing campaign that was making you ten thousand dollars weekly would you pay some hacker two thousand dollars to hack Facebook of your competition to see what they are up to and to see the reason for their success. Most people would do that, because at the end of the day it is a good business decision.

So did you wonder how it is done? One method we will be discussing is the method popularly known as phishing. And it’s a fairly simple method for people with limited knowledge in this department of IT science. The hacker makes a fake Facebook login page, and markets the following page as the real one. It is important to say that this page look exactly like the original and the only difference is the URL in the task bar. After you have done so it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to log in through your fake log in page, and you have their log in credentials. Facebook hacked in a matter of seconds.

how to get facebook password

How would you protect yourself against this? It’s fairly simple. When you are entering sensitive data, be aware of the URL of the page you are logging in to, if you are not careful here you could very well get your Facebook hacked in the matter of seconds without you ever noticing it. So it’s needless to say that there are ways to hack Facebook. So be careful, if you like this article and are looking forward to reading more we suggest you visit our recommended site to learn more.